Traditional Archery Custom Bows


The Alaskan Special is in a class of its own. Created solely from woods native to our beautiful state; it combines both the ruggedness and beauty found here. When you own an Alaskan Special you truly own something exceptional.


The difference between a great traditional bow and an excellent one is in the details, which is why I design and build all aspects of your bow myself. I strive to meet a higher standard with every bow that leaves my shop. For me, that means no CNC’s are used in their production. I believe this hands-on, personal approach speaks for itself and you will feel it every time you pick up your Mountain Man Bow.

Custom work can’t be rushed. Right now, there is a 10 to 14 month waiting period for mine. I understand that may seem long, but I make sure every finished bow is worth your wait. Thanks for understanding. 

A Look At The Bows

Wildernerss Wanderer

Alaskan Special

High Country

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